2021 New French Riviera Mooring Rules


The Yachtingpages just posted an interesting article about the new French laws on anchoring around Posidonia seagrass between Menton and Marseille but also along the coast of Corsica.

Heavy penalties for the “contrevenant”
There are serious penalties for captains (or owner when it’s a private yacht above 20m in certain areas) that do not adhere to the regulations around anchoring on Posidonia.

Captains can face imprisonment, fines of up to €150,000 and bans from navigating in French Mediterranean waters if these laws are broken.

ECPY (Yachting Association) also related that “some vessels arriving from foreign destinations have decided not to operate in France this year” and “some  vessels based in France have decided not to return to French waters and will winter in foreign waters.”…

Check out all decrees and marine maps here