If you’re new to charter, we suggest you to read our yacht charter frequently asked questions for luxury motor yacht vacations on the French Riviera.
Fell free to contact us for any further information.

What time of the year is the best to charter in the Mediterranean ?

May to End September is the best time of year to charter in the Mediterranean and you will have the widest selection of yachts during this time.

We suggest late spring (late April till the end of June) or autumn (September to mid October) as it is not to hot and you can get a better price if you avoid the high season.

Do I need to carry my passport ?

Valid passports and entry visas (when required) must be carried by all members of the charter party. Many countries require passports to be valid for 6 months beyond your stay.

COVID-19: you must produce a negative RT-PCR biological test result dated less than 72 hours.

Are last-minute or discounted charters “second-class” charters ?

Absolutely not but most yacht Owners prefer to charter their yachts at a lower rate than having their multi-million dollar yachts sitting iddle at the dock without any charter…at the regular rate.

Don’t forget that crew need time to prepare your yacht…and some time off to rest.

I saw the same boat at lower rate...

Please note the following:

  • our rates are high season rates. It’s no secret that charter rates change depending on the season.
    Contact us for low season opportunities or browse our Charter specials.
  • our rates include French VAT at 20%, agent fee, soft drinks, boat rental and crew members.
  • Day-charter by Charterminute is one of the rare website to display detail about the boat’s fuel consumption…(ie we don’t make money on fuel)
  • we provide food and beverages against proper invoices…

What's included in your charter rate ?

Who can trust a yacht charter company who doesn’t disclose crucial information (fuel consumption at cruising speed for each yacht, general privacy policy, package detail…) ?

Transparency produces trust…and is good for business.

High season Vs Low season rate

Rates on display on our website are high season rates: low season rate or charter special may apply; contact us for the latest opportunities or check out our Twitter account.

We also provide food and beverages at cost, against proper invoices…

What’s included ?

  • Boat/yacht rental for one day (9.30AM – 6.0PM approx.)
  • Qualified crew
  • French VAT at 20% (since July 2013)
  • Free soft drinks (yacht cruising with less than 10 guests)

What’s not included ?

  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Disembarkation tax (may apply for group)
  • Tips for crew (not mandatory)
  • Fuel: we strongly suggest to ask for a quotation before booking any charter…
  • Any other extra you may request: water toys rental…

What kind of agreement do you use ?

We usually use a MYBA (WMT) charter agreement. Whenever possible, we include an additional cancellation clause (bad weather).

For small boat we use a simple rental contract in english.
MYBA is the acronym for Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association (WMT : Western Mediterranean Terms).

Do I have to pay the French VAT ?

Since the 15th July 2013: in French territorial waters Value Added Tax (20% VAT) is charged on the charter fee and delivery fee of all commercial yacht.

In order to use detax fuel, there’s a new “contrat de transport” for week charter…

Can I reclaim the VAT if the charterer is a company ?

According to French fiscal authorities, you cannot reclaim the VAT.

Do I need to declare cash in hand ?

If you enter or leave the EU with € 10 000 or more in cash, you must declare it to Customs.

On a voluntary basis, most Member States use a harmonised declaration form, the EU Currency Declaration Form (EU-CDF).

If you are making your declaration in France , you have to use the French national form (only available in French).

Should I book my day charter months in advance ?

For a single day charter, we recommend to book your day charter vacation 7-10 days in advance.

Are qualifications needed to use the onboard water sports equipment ?

Most of the water equipment (wake board, water ski, donut, snorkeling gear…) can be freely used by guests, and the crew are always on hand to assist in operation if needed.

French regulation: personal water craft (PWC like waverunner, jet-ski…) are only allowed to operate in certain areas. PWC are not allowed to operate within 300 metres of the coastline (including the Lerins islands) and within National Refuge Areas. The PWC can only be used in daylight. The PWC can only be used in sight of the “Yacht” (except if you rent out a jet-ski from a local rental company). The PWC driver is required to hold a PW licence and must be 16 years old or over.

Are qualifications needed to charter a yacht ?

Not at all: the crew takes care of the maintenance, sailing, cooking, cleaning, food purchase, and navigation: enjoy your luxury holiday !

How many guests are allowed on board ?

Yacht are not passenger vessels. Smaller yachts may carry only 10/11 people, but even many superyachts are capped at 12 passengers due to the SOLAS Convention (Safety of Life at Sea) set forth by the International Maritime Organization.

Please refer to the yacht description to know the maximum number of guests on board (ie while sailing).

Browse our website to find 12+ guests yacht and vessels available for charter.

How challenging is it to book a berth in the most popular spot ?

During peak months it is harder than usual to book a berth in the most sought after Riviera ports (ie St-Tropez). Some ports don’t accept bookings more than three days in advance.

The bigger the yacht, the less chance to obtain a last minute berth…

Are pets allowed on board ?

Some yachts we day-charter are pet-friendly…as long as you have a chihuahua.
Please, contact us for a pet friendly yacht charter.

Is smoking permitted inside ?

No, smoking is not permitted inside most yachts, and is strictly forbidden in any cabins or staterooms.

Are babies allowed on charters ?

Yes, most yachts we charter are child-friendly.
Please, check with us before yacht selection.

Is there a minimum for how long a day charter must last (in high season) ?

Most yacht owner will not accept half day charter.
Small boat owners are more flexible…

What do I need to bring with me ?

As this is a one day charter, you only need pack very little, and the less baggage you have the better. Shoes should be low-heeled for deck activities. Bring a few swimsuits (so you’ll always have a dry one) and formal wear if intending to visit anywhere that may have a strict dress code.

Remember to bring any personal items such as passports and visas, and if any of your yachting party is prone to seasickness, over the counter medications or prescriptions may be a good idea.

Is there a safe on board ?

The Master cabin often has a safe in which you can store any cash or valuables (yacht bigger than 60ft).

On smaller boats, do not carry large amounts of cash or valuables with you.

Can I celebrate a special occasion on board ?

Absolutely, just inform us prior to booking so that we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

How many extra guests are allowed on board ?

When docked, the only real restriction is the size of the yacht. Most yachts will stipulate only 10-12 passengers are allowed on board when sailing, due to International Marine regulations.

Am I covered by the yacht insurance ?

The growth charter fee covers insurance of the yacht for marine risk and third party claims and the insurance of the crew for employer’s liability insurance.

We recommend you take out Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance in addition to this to protect against unforeseen circumstances (bad weather, flight delay…) that might prevent or cut short your charter.

Do the crew need to be tipped ?

Although not mandatory, it is customary to leave a tip (gratuity) for the work of the crew at the end of a charter.

We recommend a tip between 5% and 15% of the growth charter fee depending on how satisfied you are with the service.